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Ben Shadley

Editor & Publisher WildIndiana

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Fly-Fishing Workshop

Don't miss our two day, one night all-inclusive fly-fishing workshop in beautiful southern Indiana, including a full day of instructional fishing. You'll learn tackle, casting, fishing theory, receive streamside instruction.

Outdoor Photography Workshop

Join us for a one night / two day all-inclusive outdoor photography workshop in beautiful southern Indiana, including a full day shoot! Learn style, composition, camera operation, post-production, and more.

Indiana coyote “killing contest” makes headlines, puts pressure on hunters and DNR

Here's what you need to know about this divisive, complicated issue.

New Editor & Publisher for WildIndiana

These first few sentences are coming to you from a center-console fishing boat. It’s mid-July and brutally hot, not a cloud in the sky. I’m shaded by the boat’s canvas top, trying not to drip sweat on the notebook on my knee. For a couple hours I’ve been throwing a...

Book Review: Game Wars

Editors Note: the following review is the first appearance on for Ben Shadley.  You can read more at I have a lot of books. I read a lot of books. Usually I buy them and they show up in the mail. Game Wars, however, showed up on its...