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Which is the best broadhead?

“I can’t wait,” said Jarrod Meyer, trying to subdue his outward excitement. He was referring to the October 1 opener of this year’s early...

Ammo Cans: The Metal Military Monsters Are Great For Storage

I’d be willing to bet that at least half of our readership has one sitting in the garage, shed, barn or storage unit right...

Stretching the Truth on Topwater

By David A. Rose When I daydream about catching bass, my initial vision is of mist rising off a lake’s dead-calm surface, followed by the...

Deer Hunters: Don’t Give Away Your Power

By Josh Lantz Elite deer hunters employ a carefully planned scent-control regimen to maintain an advantage over a whitetail’s incredible nose. When properly executed, the...

Hooks of a Different Bend

Few things in fishing is more frustrating to anglers than a hooked fish becoming an unhooked fish. It happened to a novice I had...