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Florida Python Challenge Pays to Kill Invasive Snakes

New contest aims to reduce the population of this non-native species wreaking havoc in the Everglades. With $10K on the line, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission hopes the competition will help restore the fragile ecological balance of this crucial area.

Field Notes: Desert Gould Mine

Hunter and conservationist Gene Hopkins heads to Sonora, Mexico, in pursuit of Goulds’ turkey. Beautiful country, great friends and a successful hunt made his trip one for the books

Tale of the left-handed turkey: An old friend joins the hunt

Shadley shoots one wrong-handed, but he’s not alone on this solo hunt. A much-loved friend, expert turkey hunter and dedicated conservationist joins him on the hunt, if only in spirit.

Opening-day misfire starts turkey season with a bang, eventually

Bramwell has gun trouble but finds success with the help of a friend and special turkey call.

Turkey hunting the vast Sand Hills of Nebraska

Butler’s solo trip provides solace, scenery and a pair of toms. The Niobrara River, which is a National Scenic River, offers some of the most beautiful bottomland habitat he’s ever roamed.